1. MCP Membership 2022 is valid throughout 01 December 2021 -­ 31 December 2022.​
  2. MCP Membership 2022 can be registered by​ Indonesians and foreigners.​
  3. Please make sure you submit yourcorrect and valid data​ for the membership registration. You are not allowed to change any data once you have submitted the registration form.
  4. MCP Membership and its benefits canonly be used by the registered Membership owner and​ cannot be transferred to any other party.
  5. MCP Membership registration can be paidvia Bank Transfer​ after you have received the email confirmation from MCP.
  6. You are required to paythe correct amount​ in accordance with the information stated on the email confirmation. If there are any mistakes due to an incorrect bank account and/or amount of payment, we will not process your membership payment.
    • For foreigners, if there is any discrepancy​​ with the total amount of payment dueto currency conversion,​ please attach your transfer slip (proof of payment) and let us know about this matter in your Email Payment Confirmation.


  1. MCP Members can purchase the ticket priorto the public sales. ​We will announce the Link Order for MCP Members through our social media before the ticket sales period.
  2. When ordering tickets through MCP, please make sure you submitthe correct data​ in accordance with the ones you registered for the MCP Membership 2022. If there is any discrepancy on the data you submitted, we will not process your ticket order.
  3. MCP Members are only allowed to purchase1 (one) ticket.​
  4. MCP Members can only place an orderonce (1 time).​
  5. Ticket and its benefit (if​ any) can only be usedby the purchaser (membership owner).​ Transferring the ticket and benefit to another party is prohibited for any reasons.
  6. We do not cater to any requests if you purchase from any other party.


  1. Payments for ticket order purchased through MCP can only be made via BankTransfer.​ You will receive an EmailOrder Confirmation ​with the complete instructions and regulations regarding your ticket order payment. Please make sure you read them thoroughly.
    • We will not process any incorrect payment due to mistakes in the amount of payment and/or incorrect bank account. Pleasemake sure all your data is correct when making any payments.
    • If you made any payment mistakes yet still want to order through MCP, you need to make repaymentfor your ticket order.​ Make sure you input the correct amount and bank account based on your Email Order Confirmation.
    • We will not make any refund for any mistake in the payment process.
  2. Your ticket order will be processed afterwe receive your Email Payment Confirmation.​ The process will take upto 14 (fourteen) working days​ (excluding weekends and national holidays).

By signing up to MCP Membership, you have agreed that the submitted data will be stored and used by the organizer according to its necessary purpose.

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