1. The event will be held in accordance with the rules, regulations and protocol that applies in regards to the COVID-19 condition as stipulated by the government of the Republic of Indonesia.
  2. Please bring along your Official Identity Card during ticket exchange and entrance to venue hall.
  3. Ticket categories available are Numbered Seating. All ticket holders must oblige to the rules and schedule that will be announced by the promoter.
  4. The audience attending the event is responsible for their personal risk. The promoter is not responsible for any medical condition of the audience which relates to a congenital disease.
  5. The promoter has the right to deny entry to the event and/or pull an audience out from the venue without a refund if any of the mentioned rules and regulations is/are violated.
  6. By purchasing this ticket, you have agreed to all the Terms & Conditions mentioned on this page and your ticket.
  7. Schedules related to the event may change at any time without prior notice. Please adjust your time of arrival accordingly.
  8. Event’s schedule may change based on local condition and circumstances. Stay tuned to Mecimapro’s social media accounts for details.
  9. The promoter for this event reserves all rights to change/add or modify all provisions mentioned in the Terms and Conditions without notice.


  1. It is a must to make your ticket purchase using your own identity. 
  2. Please make your ticket purchase using the valid and correct data. Your ticket cannot be altered, refunded and/or modified after purchase is made.
  3. Purchased tickets cannot be cancelled and/or transferred to another party for any reason.
  4. Tickets and its benefits (if any) are as stated on the Official Seating Plan and event information page (bit.ly/p1oneerinjkt).
  5. Tickets can be bought through Mecimashop.com and Tiket.com. Please do not buy tickets from parties other than the mentioned ticketing outlets. The promoter is not responsible for any form of ticket fraud that is purchased at another party.
  6. By purchasing the ticket, ticket holders have agreed to the collection and usage of any personal data.
  7. Your ticket purchase is for the attendance to P1HARMONY LIVE TOUR [P1USTAGE H:P1ONEER] IN JAKARTA.
  8. The audience must show the original ticket of the event in order to enter the venue. E-Voucher will be exchanged with a physical ticket (if any) before entering the venue. Ticket holders will be updated accordingly regarding ticket redemption.
  9. For customers who purchased the tickets via Mecimashop.com, the Payment Confirmation Email sent to your email is the proof of your purchase and serves as your E-Voucher. E-Voucher will be exchanged with a physical ticket (if any) before entering the venue. Ticket holders will be updated accordingly regarding ticket redemption.
  10. All ticket holders must follow the terms and conditions that have been written on the ticket and also the terms and conditions of entry into the event that has been determined by the promoter (including but not limited to the health protocols).
  11. Tickets purchased are only allowed to be used for personal purposes and not to be sold illegally. If the Promoter receives any information regarding unauthorized ticket sales or sales without the consent of the Promoter and/or Tiket.com, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the ticket.
  12. Tickets cannot be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to prizes, contests, giveaways, and/or other purposes without the Promoter’s consent. Tickets sold and/or used for this purpose will be cancelled without a refund, with the ticket holder will not be permitted admission.


  1. In accordance with the regulations as stated in the Covid-19 Task Force’s Circular Letter 20/2022 (Surat Edaran (SE) Satuan Tugas Penanganan Covid-19 20/2022)all audiences are required to be fully vaccinated. Specifically for audiences aged 18 and above, you must have already receive your Booster Vaccine.
  2. Audiences who are declared medically unable to receive the vaccine (experiencing comorbidity) are required to bring a Doctor’s Note stating their medical condition and that they are unable to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. For overseas audiences, please pay attention to these rules:
    • You are required to bring your Vaccine Certificate and/or Vaccination Card which shows that you have received your Booster Vaccine.
    • For a swift checking process, please translate your documents in English.
    • You must bring your Official Identity Card with the same name as specified on your Vaccine Certificate or Vaccination Card.
  4. Masks must be worn in all areas and throughout the entirety of the event without any exceptions.
  5. The promoter will stipulate any additional terms and/or conditions related to the health protocols in accordance with the prevailing law and/or regulations. 


  1. The Promoter has the right to inspect bags, clothing, and/or other luggage at the entrance to the event and/or inside the venue.
  2. For easier and swift bag checks, all audiences are required to use PVC bags (transparent bags). Please do not bring any oversized bags. If the audience uses a bag with any other material and/or size, the security team reserves the right to forbid your entry to the event area.
  3. Backpacks and any other bags which are not made of PVC or transparent material are strictly not allowed.
  4. One person is only allowed to bring one bag. If you bring more than the specified criteria, you must store the other bags at the deposit counter.
  5. Checks are carried out for the safety and comfort of the entire audience.
  6. The audiences are obliged to follow the rules and directions given by the event staff and officials.
  7. The promoter is not responsible for any items and/or property that are lost and/or damaged during the event.


  1. You are not allowed to re-enter the venue if you have left the event area.
  2. You are not allowed to enter the venue before the time specified. 
  3. It is prohibited to take pictures and/or videos using cameras and/or other recording devices. 
  4. Live Streaming is prohibited throughout the event.
  5. Prohibited Items Folding chairs, food & drinks, selfie sticks/monopods, professional cameras/recording equipment, weapons, illegal drugs, large fan, banners, tablets / iPad, flashlights/lasers, plastic bottle/cans, smoking, costumes, oversized headband which restricts view, trumpets, PVC backpacks/oversized PVC bags, other type of bags than the allowed PVC bag, flammable materials.


  1. Refunds will be given to the ticket holders if the event’s status is declared as cancelled. If the event is cancelled, refunds will be given by the promoter and the respective ticketing outlet with procedures that will be announced accordingly.
  2. Ticketing admin fee and credit card convenience fee (if any) are not refundable in any case.

FAQ and Terms & Conditions will be updated according to the current situation and condition without prior notice. Please make sure to follow our social media @mecimapro and @mecima_shop for updates.

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